Our 20 Common Senses



Nothing is impossible

Don’ t think about the reasons why you can’ t do it, but rather think about how you might do it.
Get into the habit of translating “~, therefore I cannot do it” into “I can do if…”


Constant Kaizen and make innovations

Only those who can adapt to the environmental will survive.
We need constant kaizen and make changes.Energy industry has a long history.
We think highly of something long-standing, and at the same time make innovations.


Accept the diversity

Recognize various nationalities, sexes, age groups, positions, and principles.
Also, understand that your opinion is not necessarily everything that matters.


Discover the world

Thanks to the blessings of nature, our business exists.
It is important to understand nature, be thankful to nature, and enjoy nature.
When you go to the provinces, let’ s enjoy local nature, food, culture and interaction with local people.


Always take action

We will not be able to solve problems just by talking about them.
Do not become a critic, and always take actions.


Don’ t be a slave of money

Money is important. But don’ t work for money.
Always make decisions for the future.



You must be the change. Do not blaming others

Please take a look at yourself before blaming somebody.
It is important to change yourself to improve the situation for the better.


Focus on issues, and not on people

We need to understand our goals, and work toward it.
If you have some opinion about other crews/stakeholders,
let’ s provide positive and constructive feedback. You must not talk behind someone’ s back.


Be efficient, be simple

Wastes will lead to environmental burden.
We engage in the energy business with public nature. We thoroughly cut wastes.


Be Humble, and be honest

There is always good times and bad times.
Be humble, and you will get strong support when things are not easy.


Never forget gratitude

You cannot live alone. Somebody always supports you.
Keep humble attitude to get as much support as possible


Have untrapped mind

Listen to others. Don’ t be arrogant.


Be responsible for our future

Our action at this minute and this second will lead to the future.
When you are not sure about your decisions, please ask yourself: Which way will lead to the better future?


Imagination is important

Always try to imagine the other person’ s position, and the consequences of your action.
It will lead to better decision and actions.



Fair attitude to everyone with humbleness

Don’ t change your attitudes with the position of the person you are interacting with.
Have same attitude with your boss, subordinates, customers, and suppliers.


Trust is something you need to build up, and it is about human relationship.

You need to be trusted to make an impact. You cannot build up trust with one-time work.
You need to build up trust by your daily actions, and it will eventually lead to more business.


Teamwork with Trust

You need trust among your team members.
Build up trust-base relationship so that you can discuss candidly
about good points and points of improvement with your colleagues.


Deliver output with great quality

The output of our work is infrastructure indispensable to people’ s lives.
We need to have long term vision and deliver high-quality output.


Never forget the importance of safety

Safety always has the highest priority.


It is you to decide the 20th.

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