A message from the directors

Responsibility for the future


Our vision sets forth our desire to change the world through energy, and we see it as our mission to use renewable energy to contribute to the resolution of issues that society faces.
When we founded this company in 2011, we set ourselves the target of generating an amount of electricity equivalent to a single nuclear reactor (approximately 1,000 megawatts) by the year 2017.  Four years have passed since the company was established, and today we are involved in photovoltaic projects that produce approximately 700 megawatts of electricity (as of September 2015).
We are also starting to become involved in wind power and small-scale hydroelectric power projects, and are making steady progress towards helping renewable energy take root in society.
Through a process of trial and error, we have succeeded in implementing a range of unique initiatives in the field of renewable energy in Japan in our quest to fulfill our mission. Examples of these initiatives include:

  • The establishment and running of a joint venture company with Germany’s juwi, a leading EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) company in the field of renewable energy, for which a Special Construction Business License was acquired for operations in Japan.
  • Taking charge of project development for a 230 megawatt photovoltaic project in Setouchi city, Okayama prefecture – the largest such project in Japan.
  • A collaboration with Kumamoto Flour Milling Co., Ltd. in Koshi city, Kumamoto prefecture to implement a project called the Koshi Agriculture Energy Project as a model for feeding back profit gained from a power plant to the surrounding region, which was selected as one of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries’ regional renewable energy projects for expedited launch.
  • The establishment of a photovoltaic power fund with investment from the Green Finance Promotion Agency as a project in which the Ministry of the Environment is the leading investor, and the construction of photovoltaic plants in southern Kyushu through a trust-based financing structure.

Supporting such activities are the more than 100 employees the group now has.
We believe that an essential element of Japan’s future is the acceptance of diversity in order to overcome differences such as race, age, and gender and produce value, as well as an approach to problem solving that is both global and local in nature. Of paramount importance is the ability to ensure balance and maintain a global outlook while forming local bonds and ensuring a local perspective is always kept.
Under this approach, we shall continue build our team. Presently, the Shizen Energy Group has a diverse range of employees, from those in their 20s to those in their 70s, who have a wide variety of professional experience and include people from Japan as well as other places such as Germany, Spain, Turkey, and Australia.
For as long as we continue in our attempts to change the world with energy, we shall never be complete as a team, and shall continue to change and grow.
We shall take responsibility for the future, and continue to take on the challenge of producing the value that society needs, and to this end, we are constantly searching for people who can help us achieve our goal.

Ken Isono, Representative Director, SHIZEN ENERGY Inc.
Kenji Kawado, Representative Director, SHIZEN ENERGY Inc.
Masaya Hasegawa, Representative Director, SHIZEN ENERGY Inc./juwi SHIZEN ENERGY Inc.

juwi自然電力オペレーション株式会社  代表取締役 磯野 久美子

A venture company in the conservative and big-company dominated world of electricity and infrastructure, global and local perspectives, youngsters and veterans, Japanese and global technology…
At a glance, the SHIZEN ENERGY Group appears to be trying, in its effort to create new value, to combine elements that simply don’t go together.
It is by no means easy to get differing mindsets and perspectives to work together, but by finding the best balance through a process of trial and error, we believe we can become a company with the ability to provide new value to society and to our employees not only through our business, but through our working style and our values.
We are still only part of the way along the road to our goal.
As we face the massive challenge of achieving our dream and becoming a company that is still around on its 100th birthday while changing the world through energy, we are always looking for those with the venture spirit to help us continue our challenge.


Kumiko Isono, Representative Director, juwi SHIZEN ENERGY Operation Inc.

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