Small Hydroelectric Power Business

Small Hydroelectric Power

Characteristics of the Shizen Energy Group's
Small Hydroelectric Power Business

Do you have any projects that are on hold because you can't find a generator manufacturer or construction company even though you are planning to set up a small hydroelectric power plant?
The Shizen Energy Group is active in the field of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for small hydroelectric power plants.
We can also offer assistance with fundraising for construction and commercialization of dormant projects. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you have any of these plans or issues?

  • Small hydroelectric plant with output of 200 kw or less
  • Unable to find generator manufacturer or construction company even though much time has passed since the plan was made
  • Interest in installation method most suitable for natural scenery and environment
  • Cost cannot be justified under current construction plan etc., etc.

We currently provide integrated services from development to EPC and O&M just as with our photovoltaic (mega solar) power business, which has construction achievements amounting to about 22 megawatts.

Shizen Energy Group Concept

Through the construction and operation of power plants, we aim to give back to the community, fully utilizing business dealings and collaboration with local companies.
Additionally, stable operation of power plants is essential for the further spread and establishment of the renewable energy power generation business in Japan. To achieve that, we believe it is important to develop high-quality power plants and continue to support their operation.
By providing integrated services, the Shizen Energy Group will engage in our business responsibly on the premise of long-term collaboration.
You can entrust the realization of your small hydroelectric power plant to the Shizen Energy Group with confidence.

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